Brands are not just the Logo or Colour or Product or even the Co reputation

We all know about the famous parable of 6 blind men narrating their interpretations about an elephant! People who failed to see the complete elephant gave their descriptions or should we say only partial interpretations of the huge animal. We all know how far each of them was, from the real truth.

Too often this is a common struggle in company boardrooms, where the various stakeholders put forward their valuable opinions about the ‘Brand’ in question. They get vocal about what the Brand should be or represent or shouldn’t at all. That may include the design, colour scheme, shape, size or anything for that matter. The bitter truth is that most times none would be correct. The real answer may actually lie elsewhere.

A brand does not live in a product or a packaging. Brand lives in people’s lives. They way they use it, live with it or become anxious in the absence of it. Brands define people, their behavior or even their relationships. Sweet memories or bitter experiences become the brand itself. Every day in many different ways brands shape lives, futures or even the way people express themselves. It’s well accepted that famous brands are more acceptable, great brands are to die for and those who understand that can spend any amount of money or fortune to possess and enjoy them. However much the manufacturers may want to change things or tinker with or try influence, the least successful they can possibly be at altering things about their brands.

Brand is an expression of Emotion or the Feelings users share when they interact or connect with it

A humble box of chocolates could become a great ‘gift of happiness’. A simple flight could be the ‘gateway to freedom’ after the long wait to go home. A ring on the finger becomes the ‘symbol of two hearts coming together’ in marriage. These are not products or services but a ‘box full of happiness’, ‘gateway to freedom’ or ‘a happy union forever’. A brand can become the deliverer of that emotion or feelings and much more, if it connects well. A great brand story begins just from there!

Ranjan Mazumdar
RnT Communications


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